crystallized ginger

crystallized ginger (kris-tl-ahyzd jin-jer) noun


Fresh ginger that has been peeled and cut into slices (left) or chunks (right), cooked in sugar syrup until candied, cooled, then tossed in granulated sugar. The differences in color can vary from batch to batch and are not necessarily indicative of flavor, which is sweet and hot all at once. It can be eaten as is, but is often incorporated into dishes such as our Custard Pear Tart with Crystallized Ginger. 

Bakepedia Tips

  • We like to shop for crystallized ginger where we can purchase it in bulk, as it is most economical. Try a local Whole Foods store. It will keep in an airtight container at room temperature for a few months.
  • Even with its sugar coating, crystallized ginger can be sticky. If a recipe calls for chopping or mincing, try coating your chef’s knife with nonstick spray.
  • If you have a choice of two styles, know that the chunks tend to be more moist so you can choose which you like depending on your needs.
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