candy thermometer

candy thermometer [kan-dee ther-mom-i-ter] noun
candy thermometer

A tool used to measure the temperature of boiling candy, syrups, oils and other items/mixtures that must be monitored for a specific temperature. These specialized thermometers record temperatures within the range of range 100° to 400° F (usually for candies, caramelized sugar and deep-fat frying). Generally, this gadget is attached to the side of the pot with a clip that can be adjusted to the pot’s height and the food you are cooking. You want the sensing end of the thermometer to be in the middle of what you are cooking and not touching the bottom of the pot, which could give a false high reading. Candy thermometers are available in digital and non-digital formats.


Bakepedia Tips

We use the Maverick CT-03 Digital Oil & Candy Thermometer(seen above) in the test kitchen. Set it for your desired temperature and a beep will tell you when the temperature has been reached. It easily attaches to most pots with its adjustable clip. When using any thermometer, it is a good idea to detach it from the side of the pot as it reaches temperature and draw it through the mixture, moving across all parts of the pot. Sometimes pots have hot spots and you want a true reading. What happens most often is the edges might read 248°F while the center and the bulk of your mixture is several degrees lower.

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