bûche de Noël

bûche de Noël [boosh de no ehl] noun

A classic French Christmas dessert, occasionally referred to as a yule log in the U.S. This dessert looks like a log, hence its name. The exterior is traditionally dark chocolate frosting or ganache, which is raked with a decorator comb or fork to mimic bark. Its interior can be any flavor but is classically comprised of a thin cake rolled around a filling, mimicking the rings of a tree, which are showcased once the cake is cut. Popular flavors of bûche de Noël include chestnut, chocolate and mocha, but really any flavors can be used.


Bakepedia Tips

Traditional decorations can be elaborate and include any of the following: meringue mushroom cookies, marzipan mushrooms, frosting or marzipan holly leaves and berries. Even woodland creatures made from marzipan might appear on a platter with a bûche de Noël. A dusting of confectioners’ sugar mimicking snow helps complete the scene.

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