Brazil nut

Brazil nut [bruhzil nuht] noun

brazil nut in shell

From the tree Bertholletia excelsa. The seed of the South American Brazil nut tree. This first picture above shows them in the shell. Brazil nut trees grow 100 feet tall and can live for 500 years or more. The nut that we eat is actually considered to be a seed by botanists (as a true nut shell will split in equal halves with the meat separate from the shell). While Brazil does export the nuts, Bolivia is an even larger producer. The saturated fat content of Brazil nuts is higher than most other nuts, including macadamia. 91% of its calories come from fat with the breakdown of 25% saturated, 41% monounsaturated and 34% polyunsaturated. They are often pressed for oil.


Bakepedia Tips

When we use them in recipes, it is easier to buy them already shelled, see below.


You can see that some retain a thin skin, while others only partially do. This is typical and both are ready to add to a recipe.

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