Bosc pear

Bosc pear [bosk pair] noun

bosc pear

Image courtesy of Melissa’s

Pyrus communis. Elegant brown-skinned pears with slender necks, crisp flesh and a slightly spicy-sweet flavor. The color (warm, cinnamon brown with russeting, which can cover part or all of the skin) and somewhat-matte skin texture set them apart from other pears. The skin is just as edible as any other pear’s, although some people find it a bit tougher and not as appealing. While their texture and flavor pair well with cheese and they are good for eating out of hand, they shine when poached or baked whole as they retain their somewhat firm texture and do not fall apart like many other pears. Like all pears, they do continue to ripen after harvesting. Simply store at room temperature until they give slightly when pressed and have developed a more pronounced aroma. Pears may be refrigerated to stop the ripening process.

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