Bon Appetit magazine

Bon Appetit magazine [baw na-pey-tee] noun

According to the Condé Nast website (the magazine’s publisher) “Bon Appetit magazine focuses on what’s current and stylish, while still providing readers with valuable cooking tools and tips. It’s ‘life through the lens of food’—cooking in, dining out, culture, travel, entertainment, shopping and design—and Bon Appétit is the only food lifestyle publication out there.”

Full disclosure, Dede has been working with Bon Appetit magazine since 1999 and on the masthead since 2002 as a Contributing Editor. She writes for the magazine and has represented them on television, both on national shows such as TODAY, The View, Dr. Oz as well as on the HomeShoppingNetwork. That said, all opinions and recipes on Bakepedia are our own unless stated otherwise.

Their website is more in sync with the print magazine than ever before and the daily on-line blog offers all sorts of extras. Adam Rapoport took over as Editor in Chief in the fall of 2010, succeeding Barbara Fairchild. As of mid-year 2013,  the magazine is #1 among all epicurean and most lifestyle titles with 6.6 million print audience, 73% women and median age of 43.

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