blackstrap molasses

blackstrap molasses [blak-strap muhlas-iz] noun

A dark, liquid sweetener; one of many varieties of molasses. Blackstrap molasses is very rich in flavor; some find it bitter. Molasses is the byproduct created during the sugar refining process. The blackstrap variety is high in manganese, copper, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Massachusetts suffered a historic molasses disaster in January 1919. In Boston’s North End, a five-story high molasses tank cracked and burst open, unleashing what was described as a tidal wave of molasses that measured 15 feet high, 160 feet wide and traveled at 35 miles per hour. Twenty people died, 150 injured. For a more complete story, check out THIS LINK.


Bakepedia Tips

You could try substituting one molasses for another in recipes, but it will affect the flavor of the finished dish. Texture will most likely work and stay the same, but our recommendation is to use the molasses called for.

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