black velvet apricot

black velvet apricot [blak vel-vit ap-ri-kot, ey-pri-] noun


Image courtesy of Melissa’s

A specialty apricot that has a deep purple (almost black) skin covered with a thin layer of lighter colored fuzz. The interior is a bright golden color with a super-sweet, highly concentrated flavor. Some say the flavor is so intense that it reminds them of apricot preserves. The black velvet apricot may bruise easily when ripe; handle with care. To ripen, hold at 65 to 70º, they ready when they give to gentle pressure. Note: Due to their delicate skin, black velvet apricots are sensitive to ethylene-producing fruits and vegetables (such as apples, peaches, pears, tomatoes and potatoes) and will ripen extremely quickly if exposed. Store separately from these foods.

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