Bismarck tip

Bismarck tip [biz-mahrk tip] noun


A piping tip used for filling pastries such as jelly doughnuts and cream-filled items. The Bismarck tip is wide enough for smooth fillings to flow through into the baked item, but narrow enough so that when it is inserted, it leaves as small a mark as possible in the baked good.


Bakepedia Tips

Some work with a coupler, such as the Ateco #230, while others are inserted directly into a pastry bag, such as Ateco #231. We have also found a reference to a Victorian-era cake called a Chocolate Bismarck in a re-printed book (The Victorian Book of Cakes by T. Percy Lewis, Portland House, New York, 1991). This individual cake is made up of a Génoise (spelled Genoese in the book), chocolate meringue, melted chocolate and chocolate fondant, decorated with crystallized violets.

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