bing cherry

bing cherry [bing cher-ee] noun

bing cherry variety

Prunus avium. A richly ruby-colored variety of sweet cherries. Bing cherries should be plump and heavy for their size, indicating juiciness. Avoid any that are wrinkled, bruised or overly soft.

The bing cherry variety was possibly named after a Chinese foreman named Ah Bing who was helping horticulturist Seth Lewelling in his family’s orchards in the late 1800s. Either Bing himself developed the cultivar or Lewelling did and named the fruit after his assistant, who had to return to his homeland. Bing cherries are the most popularly produced sweet cherry in the U.S., high in antioxidants and typically available during the North American summer months. Refrigerate to store.


Bakepedia Tips

Bing cherries are a sweet cherry, which have a very different flavor profile from tart cherries, such as Montmorency. Many recipes will give no indication as to sweet or sour, which we find unfortunate. Bakepedia recipes will always distinguish. If your recipes says pie cherry or tart cherry, however, it is asking for a sour cherry, not Bing. Pitting fresh cherries can be a chore and a cherry pitter is a useful tool, even if you only make one cherry pie a year or one batch of preserves.

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