bench knife or scraper

bench knife or scraper [bench nayf, skrey-per] noun

bench knife varieties

A hand-held culinary tool with multiple purposes, available in metal and plastic forms. A metal bench knife is rigid, thin and rectangular, measuring about 6 inches x 3 inches with a handle on one long side made of wood, plastic or metal. Plastic bench knives are similar in shape, but made out of one solid piece of plastic.



Bakepedia Tips

Bench knives are used in similar ways: If the exposed long edge of the metal scraper is sharp enough, it can rough-cut ingredients, help you scoop up ingredients to place them in a bowl, scrape up dusty flour or leftover bits of ingredients off of your work surface into the trash, clean your surface of sticky pastry and to cut and portion dough. It works well whether you are chopping, cutting, pushing or scraping ingredients around. We love to use them for cutting brownies and bars into clean, straight shapes.

The plastic scraper can be used in all the same ways, but since it’s also flexible, this type of bench knife is great at getting dough out of bowls.

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