Basler Leckerli

Basler Leckerli: [baz-lah leck-er-lee] noun

A spicy bar cookie that begins with boiling honey to give it a chewy texture. Basler Leckerli cookies have textural substance and lots of flavor thanks to the complex ingredients: Kirschwasser (clear cherry brandy), candied citrus peel, honey, almonds and spices. Basel is a German-speaking area of Switzerland, where these treats hail from, and “lecker” means tasty and delicious in German.


Bakepedia Tips

These cookies improve in texture and flavor after a few days, so plan ahead. Kirschwasser, the cherry brandy that flavors the bar and the icing, is a Swiss favorite. You only need a little bit, but you can use the rest of the bottle for other Swiss dishes such as fondue, where its inclusion is traditional.

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