baking core

baking core [beyk-ing kohr] noun

cake baking core

Also called a cake core. This is a metal cylinder, typically measuring 3 ¾ inches deep and 1½ inches across its narrow bottom, flaring to about 2 ½ inches across the open top. Nestled into the batter of a large-diameter cake, the baking core draws heat to the center of the cake and aids in even baking.


Bakepedia Tips

To use, scrape batter into a 12-inch or larger cake pan (small-diameter cakes bake evenly enough and do not require a baking core). Coat the baking core with nonstick spray inside and out, then nestle it into the center of the cake batter. Scoop up a bit of batter and fill the core so that the batter inside the core is the same level as the outside. Bake and cool with the core in place. Remove core and pop out the “cakelette” inside, leaving your cake with a hole in the center. You can use the “cakelette” to plug the hole and after torting, filling and frosting, no one will know its there. Your cake will be baked evenly from side to side. (Video to come).

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