baking chocolate

baking chocolate [beyk-ing chaw-kuh-lit, chokuh-, chawk-lit, chok-] noun

Also called unsweetened chocolate.


Bakepedia Tips

This can be a confusing term, as any chocolate that we bake with could be called baking chocolate. Some references mistakenly suggest that baking chocolate can be any dark chocolate, ranging from unsweetened to bittersweet to semisweet. To make matters worse, it can sometimes be referred to as “bitter” chocolate, which means unsweetened, but could be misconstrued to mean “bittersweet.” Part of the confusion stems perhaps from the readily available brand of chocolate called Baker’s Chocolate, which does sell a variety of chocolate for baking. If your recipe calls for baking chocolate, use unsweetened unless there is other wording in the recipe directing you to do otherwise.

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