bake blind

bake blind [beyk blahynd]  verb

Also blind bake, baking blind, blind baking or par baked. A term that usually refers to a tart or piecrust that is baked without filling. This is done to give the crust a head start on baking so that it is fully cooked and not soggy in the final dessert.


Bakepedia Tips

Always follow specific instructions. Sometimes to bake blind, it is recommended that you prick the crust and bake, pressing down any bubbles if they appear. Another common technique is to line the crust with foil and weigh it down with an even layer of dried beans, dry rice, pennies or commercially sold pie weights. These weights are usually small, heavy, metal pieces the size of peas that you scatter on top of the foil. Some companies make strands of weights (think of a heavy necklace) that make it easy to place in and remove from the tart shell. All of these are re-usable. If you use beans or rice, cool and store them in an airtight container for next time; do not cook them to eat.

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