almond syrup

almond syrup [ah-muhnd, am-uhnd; spelling pronunciation al-muhnd siruhp, sur-] noun

A sweet syrup made from almonds, water and sugar. Also called orgeat syrup, although orgeat will often have rosewater or orange water added. Historically, almond syrup was made from barley. It is often used in coffee drinks and alcoholic beverages.


Bakepedia Tips

Almond syrup is clear, but when it is stirred into water or other liquid it turns milky white. Common brands are Torani, Monin and DaVinci. It is not expensive and is shelf-stable, so if you like to experiment with unusual ingredients, have a bottle on hand. It can be brushed on cakes or added to mousses, for instance, and it is also easy to make at home (recipe to come).

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