almond milk

almond milk [ah-muhnd, am-uhnd; spelling pronunciation al-muhnd milk] noun

A beverage made from almonds and water. The two ingredients are finely ground in a blender with water, then strained through fine cheesecloth. The resulting liquid is almond milk. Although this is its pure form, many commercial brands have additional ingredients such as sweeteners, thickeners and other additives.


Bakepedia Tips

Almond milk is very popular as a non-dairy alternative to cow’s milk or even to soy milk. It has a very different composition than cow’s milk and cannot be reliably substituted in recipes where cow’s milk is called for. In particular, almond milk’s protein and fat content, which help with structure in baked goods, are far lower than cow’s milk. This is not to say that you cannot experiment. It might work very well in some applications, and you may even find recipes that were developed with almond milk from the get-go. In general, substitute cup for cup of cow’s milk and use unsweetened almond milk. Many commercial brands are very high in sugar and other sweeteners. For baking, we recommend an unsweetened version.

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