almond bark

almond bark [ah-muhnd, am-uhnd; spelling pronunciation al-muhnd bahrk] noun

Almond Bark

1. A chocolate confectionery coating – that does not contain any nuts! It is a chocolate product, but not true chocolate, as it does not contain cocoa butter. This kind of almond bark features other fats such as cottonseed or palm oil and does not need to be tempered, making it easy to melt down. It is often used to coat candies or truffles or to make an actual almond bark confection, described below, which is presumably how it got its name.

2. A confection, usually sold by the pound, that consists of slabs of chocolate resembling large pieces of bark and with almonds strewn throughout. Other nut barks exist as well (hazelnut bark, cashew bark etc.) This kind of almond bark can be made with real chocolate or chocolate confectionery coating. (The image above shows the milk chocolate version from Bissinger’s.)


Bakepedia Tips

Sometimes in the baking and confectionery realm, there will be a product or tool with multiple names and/or uses, which can lead to confusion. If you come across a recipe that requires almond bark, make sure you understand which product it is referring to.

See confectionery coating, summer coating and candy melts.

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