airbrush [air-bruhsh] noun, verb

airbrush tool for baking
1. A tool that atomizes edible spray paint. The airbrush tool is comprised of a compressor with a hose, a well for holding color and a fine applicator tip. The flow of the color is controlled through the wand-like applicator.
2. The action of airbrushing a baked good.


Bakepedia Tips

The airbrush’s design makes it possible to achieve very fine color work and shading. Some high-end chocolate truffles and bonbons sport vivid, even metallic colors that have been applied in this manner. Chocolate can be used with this tool as well – it is thinned out with about 50% cocoa butter to spray onto cakes and other sweets. This is done more for texture than color and gives an elegant, velvet-like finish.

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