adobe oven

adobe oven [uhdoh-bee uhvuh n] noun

Adobe Oven / Horno, Pueblo and Mountains

Also called a horno. An adobe oven is a beehive-shaped oven made from sun-baked mud/clay, originating in the pueblo villages of the American Southwest. To use, a fire is built inside and allowed to burn down. The coals and ashes are swept out and your baked good – typically bread – is placed directly on the oven floor. The oven opening is closed with a piece of wood (a detached door, so to speak) or even a large stone or more mud; this keeps the oven heated.


Bakepedia Tips

The interest in homemade artisanal breads has also led to an interest in different kinds of ovens. There are many easily-found online sources for how to make your own adobe oven. The photo shows a large freestanding oven, but small – even tabletop-sized – ones can be made for home use.

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